Location: South-East Kosovo.

Brezovica ski resort is recognized as one of the best natural attractions and destinations for tourism. It is an ideal place for skiing during the winter season and for climbing during the summer season.

Brezovica offers an average of 128 days a year of skiing opportunities.

Foreign media on Brezovica:

The Guardian: “Brezovica is considered as one of the best mountains in the Balkans”.

The New York Times: “Brezovica could be the pearl of Balkans”.



Location: Central Kosovo

The Marble Cave, or as is otherwise known the “Gadime Caves”, was discovered in 1969.

It is considered as one of the most famous caves in Europe.

It is 80 million years old.

The main characteristics of the cave are: stalagmites, stalactites and aragonites.

So far, around 800 meters of cave are available to visit.

Depending on the season, the temperature inside the cave varies from 8 to 13 degrees Celsius.



Location: Central Kosovo

Mirusha Waterfall has been declared as a natural monument of special importance.

It is a place suitable for relaxation, climbing and hiking through waterfalls.

This waterfall is composed of canyons and caves.

The river stream has carved around 10 kilometres of canyon, thus creating 13 waterfalls between them.

The highest waterfall is 22 meters.




Location: West of Kosovo

The Rugova Mountains are also known as the Albanian Alps. They have been declared by the Assembly of Kosovo as a National Park.

With its ski resort, Rugova is listed as the fourth most important place for winter sports by the International Ski Federation.

BATLLAVA LAKE​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Batllava Lake is one of the largest lakes in Kosovo. It has an area of 3.27 km2.

Its greatest depth is 48 meters.

It serves as a source of drinking water for the territory of Prishtina and Podujeva.


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